Bitching about your job is an American institution, but the last few years have taught us that the complaints are best saved for the bar and kept off of the Internet. There have been so many stories like this that you have to do a little something extra to make it newsworthy. In 2009, Connor Riley did just that when she was fired for complaining about her job before it even started. Riley stated that she would take a "fatty paycheck," even though she would be "hating the work." We don't think it's exactly fair that she was fired, as we she was simply stating what we all know: you never get paid well for work you actually enjoy. At the time, we thought that something good might come out of this, namely our minifeeds would feature fewer people bitching about their jobs. Judging from the overflow of "Some E-Cards" on our walls, our hopes were in vain.

Lesson Learned: Everyone hates their job [Ed. Note: Except the author]. We just aren't allowed to talk about it.