Not all educators are created equal. High school teachers are much maligned by tea partiers and assholes across our fair country, but generally speaking, they want to teach students. The same cannot be said for professors. Strange as it sounds, the better a school you attend, the better the odds that your teachers might not be that into teaching. If you are enrolled at a Research 1 school, odds are that many professors prefer to sequester themselves in the stacks and work on their next book rather than teach yet another section of Practical Philosophy for Snot-Nosed Frat Boys. If you go to a top tier school, you may be taught by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners whose priorities include having their ego stroked, cultivating a stable of hot T.A.s., and identifying the next all-star in their field who will carry on their legacy. Nowhere in that short list did we mention "spending office hours hearing about how you just don't 'get' iambic pentameter." Just because William Faulkner has come back from the dead to teach your seminar on Southern Gothic literature doesn't mean that he is going to be a good professor. If your teacher is too busy sipping mint juleps and adding narrators to his work to teach you anything, take a course with a lesser known prof who actually gives a damn.