An Australian woman found herself in a pickle when she paid for two iPhones and got apples instead. 

The woman-with-too-much-faith-in-humanity got stuck with two iPhone boxes filled with apple pieces after she posted an ad on a Craigslist-like site looking for anyone who could hook her up with two of the phones. That's when our entrepreneur stepped in an made an offer to the woman: two iPhones, $600. When the two met at a respectable place  late at night outside of a fast food joint, the woman received two brand new-looking iPhone boxes, handed over the money, and went about her way without checking what was inside. When she finally got around to it, she discovered the boxes were filled with apple pieces. 

Lesson: when buying things from a stranger, always check out the items before handing over the money. It might save you from going bananas later on.

[via The Inquirer]