The strange appearance of cars with Iowa plates has puzzled a Brooklyn lawyer to the point of investigation. Joel Sigel of Ditmas Park made a list of all 20 cars of the cars parked on Brooklyn streets and reached out to several agencies such as the Iowa Department of Transportation and government administrators and politicians from New York. 

Sigel told the New York Post he was motivated by the fact that these mysterious vehicles have made it even more difficult for people to find parking. “Our neighborhood is very small. It’s a pain in the ass," he said. Many Iowa officials believe the vehicles are being registered there to duck the sky-high insurance rates that New York offers its residents. 

As for Sigel, well he thinks the cars belong to 25 Dollar Care Rental. When he called the company to inquire, he says a non-cooperative woman told him "I don't work for you!" before hanging up. 

There's also the possibility of criminal activity, which Iowa officials have not ruled out.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]