New details have emerged on Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition via a Youtube video from Game Informer.  Evidently the game places you in a unique position within the eponymous inquisition, which may loosely draw its ideas from the real life Spanish Inquisition (though I wouldn’t expect any “Pear of Anguish” mini-games).

What we do know is that you’re an “upstart group” standing against both the church and the chantry, and getting respect means either earning it or taking it, so to speak, by force. How this actually translates into gameplay isn’t entirely clear, but what does seem to be confirmed in the video is that Inquisition will capitalize on that whole open-world thing that seems be all the rage in next-gen games. Also it’s running on DICE’s Frostbite engine and the developers  feel they’re really pushing “all five platforms,” suggesting that the game will indeed be available for current gen Sony and Microsoft consoles, next-gen systems and – going out on a limb here – probably PC.

Via Game Informer