Rockstar Games has released two new videos for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V featuring the political landscape of Los Santos. The two attack ads are for the candidates running for governor with equally deplorable records. These are part of the newer and more informative Grand Theft Auto V site update where we can take a look at the depth of the sandbox we're going to happily be thrown into.

Check out the liberal Sue Murray below and conservative basket case Jock Cranley above. These are defiantly worth watching more than once, as they contain some golden quotes: "I've based jumped off sky scrapers, I know the intricacies of city planning."

Grand Theft Auto V continues to taunt us ahead of its September 17 release date on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and maybe PC before the end of the year. Don't have one of these? Sell your blood, sell your dog, make a friend, and get it!


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[Via Rockstar Games]