This Farrah Abraham "Days of Our Lives" Audition Tape Is the Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

Full disclosure, I hate writing about Farrah Abraham. Any letter that is printed about her on the Internet just feeds her undeserved fame, and it's clear at this point that the more rumors and gossip floating around about her, the more money she'll end up making.

But this clip was just way too terrible to pass up—it's probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen in my entire life, and I watch most of those medical documentaries on TLC and Discovery Health so that's saying something. I present to you: Farrah Abraham's very real audition tape for the part of Destiny, a hooker, on NBC's Days of Our Lives

Don't worry, she didn't get the part—any self-respecting network exec would sooner have a coronary than hire Abraham after this audition—so it's totally OK to just laugh and cringe at all three minutes of this. It's hard to even tell what's going on in the 'scene,' because Abraham, for some reason, didn't think it was necessary to memorize her lines and instead reads them off her iPhone with lengthy pauses as she strains her brain to figure out what words are. There's also no one there reading lines with her, so there are just random pauses as she stares at the wall between her lines. 

It's like watching a trainwreck come to life, then explode, BUT WORSE. She was a better actress in her adult film than she was in this audition.


It's worse.

[via Celebuzz]

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