Max and Nev went to Justin’s house, giving the avenger the chance  "to tell his side of the story.” In other words, they wanted to psychoanalyze him. Eager to please, Justin went off on a diatribe about how he ended up homeless after his father died, and how that caused him to develop this grand love for his current girlfriend that has in turn made him want to punish those who don’t treat their women like the queens they are.

Max and Nev counseled him to love himself and heal. Justin dismissed and left.

I’ve said this before, but Catfish continues to go the way of The Jenny Jones Show. Artis kept his cool in this instance, but you could hear him repeatedly say he was embarrassed. He didn’t react violently, but there’s only going to be so many times an attention-starved asshole like Justin is going to get his jollies acting like a villain from a superhero franchise before someone eventually flips out and gets hurt. The producers of this show need to tread lightly in the way they help glamorize this brand of crazy.

Now as it pertains to the aftermath, Justin stopped pretending to be a porn star with a period, claiming he retired on top. As for Artis, he’s back with the mother of his kids and they’re having sex. Happy ending.