We grew up in Florida, and the genetic predisposition to be constantly terrified of the world's apex predator is ingrained into our DNA.

While Florida continues its quest to become the Australia of America, we can all agree that Discovery's Shark Week is a Greenpeace activisit's goatee hair away from becoming a national holiday. Sharks engender the sort of primal, caveman level of fear that's normally reserved for Mastadons and lightning strikes. Sharks in video games, luckily, make for some of the most rewarding creatures in nature to fire an automatic weapon into.

Don't worry, if you're feeling especially PETA-y, you can always play Greenpeace's 8-bit shark game, which, spoliers, is a Pac-Man clone.

Sharks have been around in video games from nearly the beginning and here are 10 of our Favorite Moments in Shark Violence. 

What are some of your favorite video game shark moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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