Episode: "Kafkaesque" (Season 3, Episode 9)

"Kafkaesque" perfectly demonstrates the duality of Mr. Gustavo Fring. On the one hand, he's the owner of a family-friendly fast food joint called Los Pollos Hermanos, which comes with its own jolly commercial that explains the secrets to its oh-so-zesty and beloved chicken. Inside the actual restaurant, the staff is warm, Gus is welcoming, and the food is delicious. Everyone's happy, and everyone leaves full.

But as the commercial gives way to a behind-the-scenes look at he manufacturing of Fring's lucrative Blue Sky meth, you see just how much of a front Los Pollos Hermanos really is. We see Fring's workers submerging bags of Blue Sky into the Los Pollos Hermanos fry batter, to make it easier and less suspicious to ship the drugs to all of Fring's customers. And there stands the "chicken man" himself, watching over the whole process like a true overlord. Ronald McDonald, he isn't. —MB