Episode: "Abiquiu" (Season 3, Episode 11)

Breaking Bad will often deploy a cold open that reaches back into the past to show just how terrible things have become in the present, like the flashback to Walt and Skyler buying their house in "Full Measure," the season three finale. Here, the flashback lets you see how far Jesse has fallen by going back to his time with Jane.

It's simple. They go to a musem together on a date. The Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Sante Fe, where over 1,000 of the artist's works are held. They argue about her process, why she might paint the same situation over and over again. Jane says its about making a good feeling last, a junkie's logic about chasing the same high.

In the present, where Jane is dead, Jesse finds a cigarette marked with her lipstick, and it brings all of the pain and horror of her dead come roaring back. It feels bad. —RS