Anna Kendrick is the ideal drinking buddy. We don't know this for a fact, although we, like the rest of the world, would like to be proven absolutely correct. (Kendrick, if you're ever in NY, stop by the office for our Friday happy hour, or any turnt up Tuesday. We'll blast some Kendrick Lamar in your honor.) Here's what makes us think that Kendrick, the 28-year-old actress/one-time rapper/multi-platinum cup player, can throw down:

1. She's instagrammed her booze.
2. She admittedly got tipsy in a scene of her upcoming movie Drinking Buddies, in theaters this Friday.
3. She tweets like she just took a shot of whiskey.

Although we love the first two, the third reason is our favorite. Her feed is stacked with jokes that even the funniest comedians on Twitter can't match. And she'll craft 140 characters about everything from puppies to masturbation, two words we'd never thought we'd use in the same sentence. Regardless, we know you're curious now. For your convenience, here are Anna Kendrick's funniest tweets.

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