Year: 1999, 2000
Team: Detroit Lions
Overall Rating: 100

Usually when you sit down with Madden you're amazed by all the plays your team can make in the video game that they wouldn't be able to make in real life. With Barry Sanders, though, it's the reverse: you're so awestruck by the crazy end-arounds, jukes and spins he can pull off because you know that you could never replicate it on your PS3. The physics engines of the Madden games have gotten markedly better since the series first began, but they still can't quite do justice to Sanders' inexplicable ability to stop-on-a-dime and shake a tackler. Of course, with a 100 player rating in Madden 1999 and 2000, they gave him every opportunity to recreate that same magic. Players like Michael Vick may have changed the way that Madden is played, but the only reason that Barry Sanders hasn't done the same is because the game can't quite figure him out yet.