Platform(s): Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, Mac OS X
Year Released: 2007

For the thinking, feeling gamer, BioShock offered you a choice: harvest the genetically-enhancing powers of the Little Sisters, or protect them from those trying to do so. The game was rife with moral and philosophical dilemmas like this, having been based around the Objectivist theories of noted (and oft-criticized) author, Ayn Rand. Luckily, BioShock didn't quite take itself as seriously as its spiritual forebear, Atlas Shrugged, instead destroying the utopian world that Rand envisioned in her landmark novel, and shoving your character into the challenges and evil plots hatched from a super-society gone wrong. Its aesthetics, gameplay, and narrative flexibility were all instantly appealing for players, and the title received a boatload of critical acclaim upon its release, with critics today still calling it one of the seventh-gen's strongest offerings to date.