Where to go: South Dakota; Tuscany; or for the initiated, the back roads of America
Why to go: Fresh air and exercise make for a great combination of new sights and people
What to bring: Water, light clothes, confidence

There are generally two types of bike tours and they are equally slated towards a solo journey. There are those focused on relaxed pedal-pushing through the rolling hills, and the more serious variety that cut a path across the country, usually raising money for a cause. The scenic rides involve bikes with baskets, and usually come with a guide who will point out places of interest, a stop for a picnic, and the ability to wander off the path a bit. They are a great way for people of all ages to see a new place while getting a light workout., while the other, more strenuous tour of days and sometimes weeks is also a great bonding experience with your caravan and allows you to learn a lot about yourself and the countryside, but is certainly a bit more exclusive.