In Skate 3, you are now at the peak of your career as a skater.

You are now famous and building up your own team of skaters to continue on with your legacy. You can create teams with your friends online and battle against other gamers across the world. The emphasis in Skate 3 is mostly placed on team gameplay this time around. Skate 3 allows you and your team of friends to free roam in an open world and cause havoc in empty pools as if you were the Lords of Dogtown.

EA really did a great job of fluidly making all 3 of the Skate storylines function together. They created a storyline that encourages the gamer to play all 3 of the titles because they each represent a different phase of your skater’s career. At the moment, the series stopped at 3 but Tony Hawk still hasn’t recovered from the digital beatdown. Skate as a series is the best skateboarding experience you will get on a gaming console.