Though Julian Assange claimed back in late January that he had the script for Dreamworks' Wikileaks movie The Fifth Estate and had read it fully—he called it a "mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks the organization, and the character of my staff," to be specific—he didn't actually end up releasing the script on the Internet for the rest of us to read, so no one's been able to get even a small hint about what this movie is actually going to entail, other than Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch in a hilarious Lucius Malfoy-esque wig. 

Until now, though! Just released is the trailer of the film, featuring Cumberbatch, Inglourious Basterds star Daniel Brühl, Laura Linney, and a handful of other stars all telling the story of how Wikileaks began and stuff (it's based on the 2011 book, WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy, by Wikileak-er Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Guardian journalist Luke Harding). Also, we get to witness the evolution of Cumberbatch's wig, which is a riveting subplot in itself.

But real talk: Cumberbatch actually does seem like he's given a good performance as Assange, despite how much the real Assange hates the movie and wants it dead. Does that mean Cumberbatch's Assange would hate his own movie as much as real Assange does? How's that for a brain teaser?

Following the release of the trailer, the official Wikileaks Twitter did release a statement early this morning on Twitter...along with posting a link to the trailer:

The Fifth Estate is set to hit theaters on October 18th. It'll be the second major Wikileaks-themed movie to be released this year—in May, a documentary from Universal and director Alex Gibney, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks was released to select theaters in LA and NYC, before receiving national release in June. No word on how HBO is faring with their version of a Wikileaks project, which is set to be directed by Charles Ferguson and reportedly based off of a New Yorker story about Assange. 

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