Age: 27
Notable role: Natalie Keener in Up in the Air (2009) 

Anna Kendrick is having a moment. Thanks to the 2012 sleeper hit Pitch Perfect, she's a ginormous deal on the interwebz. Take note of the entire sub-Reddit devoted to her. Not to mention, she's killing it on Twitter. But real AK stans know that she's not just a passing trend—and that's not just because she's got Drinking BuddiesThe Last 5 Years, The Voices, Wish I Was Here, Get a Job, and a rumored role in Into the Woods coming up.

A Tony nominee at 12 (for High Society), an Oscar nominee at 24 (for Up in the Air), Master of the Universe by the time she's 36 (well, if we're to follow the pattern she's setting)—Kendrick's a serious Beanie Baby of talent, one who's an expert at playing everything from fast-talking, fresh-out-of-college smart-asses to singing-and-dancing sweethearts. Her public persona is cutesy and charming, but one look at her filmography, and you know you should be intimidated as fuck.