In case you haven't already marked it on your calendar, Sharknado is going to premiere tonight on the Syfy channel--and yes, it's going to be amazing. You can easily tell that from the full-length trailer up there, but just in case you need more persuading, here are all the reasons why:

  1. It's about a tornado full of sharks ripping through Los Angeles.
  2. Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Zieiring decides that the only way to defeat the tornado full of sharks is to wield a chainsaw and throw himself into one shark's mouth.
  3. "It's time to leave Kansas," is a real line.
  4. They decide to throw bombs into the tornado full of sharks in an effort to stop it, because obviously that'll work.

Sharknado premieres tonight at 9 PM on Syfy. You can check out the full length trailer up above.

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[via Vulture]

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