As if we needed any more things in this world to have nightmares about. According to UK's The Daily Mail, The Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris has revealed the real-life inspiration behind one of modern popular culture's most celebrated, demented characters, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Harris wouldn't give a full name, opting instead to just refer to him as "Dr. Salazar," but he did offer this chilling anecdote about the time he met the guy at a Mexican prison in the '60s:

It was as a 23-year-old reporter working for Argosy magazine in the 1960s that Harris encountered a man he identifies only as “Dr. Salazar” after being sent to the Nuevo Leon State Prison at Monterrey, Mexico, to interview a separate inmate.

Harris was asked by the magazine to interview mental patient Dykes Askew Simmons who was under a death sentence for killing three young people. The author tells how Simmons had attempted to escape the prison a year earlier by bribing a prison guard to leave a door unlocked and provide him with a pistol.

But the guard betrayed him, taking his money, keeping the door locked and shooting him down.

He was only saved by the skilled prison doctor saved him, Harris added.

Aww shit, here it comes.

The author recalls interviewing Dr Salazar, which he later explains is not his real name, about how he treated the gunshot wounds and stopped the bleeding.

But he describes how the conversation took a much darker twist when the doctor began questioning the journalist on Simmons’s disfigured appearance, the nature of torment and the murderer’s victims.

It was not until Harris left the doctor’s office that he learned of Dr Salazar’s history from the prison warden. The doctor was a murderer and the warden told Harris: ‘He will never leave this place. He is insane.”

But wait, there's more! From the UK's WalesOnline:

The warden told him as they were leaving: "The doctor is a murderer. As a surgeon, he could package his victim in a surprisingly small box." [...]

But the warden added he was “not insane with the poor” and was trusted with patients and was visited by Mexican townspeople from outside the confines of the prison...Harris said Dr Salazar served 20 years in prison and after his release went on to serve the aged and poor in the poorest neighbourhood in Monterrey.

He added his real name is not Dr Salazar, saying: “I leave him in peace.”

So the guy that was too insane to ever "leave this place" did, in fact, one day leave said place. NIGHTMARES YET?

[via Daily Mail]