John Rambo, that great American anti-hero, has been waiting for his video game release for awhile now. Hanging around wearing boar skins, lurking in the shadows diligently crafting pointy objects and now we have the reveal trailer for Rambo: The Video Game. A previous trailer was released last year of cinematic scenes replicated from the movie, this one however gives us a couple of gameplay shots and what will probably be a healthy dose of quick time events.

Following the success of Rambo the movie and Mr. Stallone appearing to be alive, if not wearing his plastic surgery death mask in the Expendables 1 and 2. Reef Entertainment, the game's publisher thought it would be a good idea to resurrect the roid-raged Rambo of the first three films. The game will include burlap boar hunting Rambo, Rambo of the Mud, and Rambo of too much baby oil and hairspray, these being the three essential elements of Rambo.

The character models defiantly look strange, but just pull up a picture of Sylvester Stallone and try to figure out which one looks more real, a great game for the kids - to scare them from drug use. But it looks like you’ll get to play all your favorite scenes from the movies and knife a lot of people along the way.

So get your exploding arrows ready and start practicing your head-removing side kicks, Rambo: The Video Game is set to drop later this year. Good luck convincing your dad that it's as cool as the movie, the man was in Nam for god's sake.

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