Use of the Die Hard scenario: A disgraced government agent must save the president’s daughter from an orbital prison overrun by inmates
Stand-in for John McClane: Marion Snow (Guy Pearce)

Lockout has affectionately been crowned “Die Hard in space” among snarky Internet bloggers since its release last year, and with good reason. The movie focuses on yet another disgraced hero who has been brought in to save the president’s daughter from an outer space prison overrun with inmates. It's a lone hero against an army of bloodthristy villains. How original. 

Of course, being a modern action movie, Lockout is also filled with cheap CGI and an onion-skin-thin script, but the performance by Guy Pearce is a loving tribute to what Willis did 25 years ago. He’s jaded and snarky with a touch of vulnerability that makes the character come to life. Unfortunately, everything else around him can’t rise above being a cliff notes version of a much better movie.