Where: Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub  
City: Clearfield, PA
Address: 1452 Woodland Rd.
Website: dennysbeerbarrelpub.com
Cost: Market Price 

Like a challenge? So does Denny’s. Their epic burgers, with challenges as tiny as “two full pounds of beef fun through the garden,” have been featured places like the Food Network and Good Morning America. However, their largest burger challenge is the Beer Barrel “Main Event” Belly Buster. The burger is so huge that you need to give the restaurant 72 hours to prepare it and it comes at market price. Slashfood said it was about $379 in 2007 and consists of 80 lbs. of beef and 160 slices of cheese.  It totals 125 lbs. The menu, probably because anyone who actually tried to eat this in a set period of time would die, says that eating the “Main Event” isn’t a challenge. We guess they don’t know us very well.