At San Diego Comic Con, Fox Digital Entertainment revealed that it has a game based on your favorite, fiddle playing space series in the works.

Firefly Online is a social online role-playing game based on the cult TV series set to release next summer for iOS and Android-based devices.

Developed by QMXi and Spark Plug Games, players take on the role of a captain, who must recruit a ship, and a crew, and lead missions and trading expeditions. Firefly Online will feature customizable ships and we bet a fair amount of Reavers and oppressive government.

We’re excited by an official Firefly game will all the trimmings of the TV series and subsequent films but iOS and Android scares us a little. We want Skyrim, but with Firefly. But if nothing else there should be some sweet space music and Chinese curse words to boot. Stupid inbread stack of meat!

Check out the official website for updates and possible early access.

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[Via Polygon]