Today in "what the hell was Donald Trump thinking" news, the business magnate tweeted out that tech giant Apple should bring back founder Steve Jobs, because the iPhone's screen isn't large enough, and he wants a bigger iPhone now

Right. So, either no one's told Donald Trump that Steve Jobs tragically died of complications related to a pancreatic tumor in 2011, or he's talking about delving into some real dark magic shit.

He definitely doesn't know this tidbit of information, though, that is absolutely worth noting: Back when the iPhone 4S was being developed, there was originally a lot of speculation that a phone with a thinner design and larger screen—basically, the later-released iPhone 5—would be presented instead of the 4S. However, Jobs reportedly turned the new design down, because he didn't like the fact that it had a bigger screen than the 4S.

Someone should have a talk with Donald Trump now. Let him down gently.

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[via @realDonaldTrump]