Before Spider-Man became a multi-billion-dollar movie star thanks to director Sam Raimi, James Cameron was brought on board to finally bring the famous Web Slinger to life. Coming off of mega hits like Terminator 2 and Aliens, Cameron was given a massive contract by Carolco Pictures and proceeded to write a script treatment for the movie that featured Spidey’s origins, as well as his battles against the Sandman and Electro, both of whom were altered radically from their comic book origins.

Unlike the Spider-Man movies that actually saw the light of day, Cameron’s version featured a Peter Parker who spewed just as much profanity as webbing and pounded villains into bloody pulps with glee. But the most infamous scene happens towards the end of Cameron’s proposed movie when Peter webs Mary Jane to the side of the Brooklyn Bridge and has sex with her out in the open. That’s a far cry from Tobey Maguire blubbering non-stop and taking two movies to make a move on Mary Jane.