This one hits us hard.

Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max had the potential to be a great comic book movie that ignored the standard superhero formula. Written by David Goyer, the movie was set to begin with the Green Arrow being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and thrown into a high-tech prison featuring some of the DC Universe’s most vile villains. The plot would then follow Green Arrow as he attempts to break out of the prison and clear his name, all while taking down an army of villains in the process.

Sure, it doesn’t sound like high art, but the idea of a lone superhero battling a veritable who’s-who of villains, with cameos galore, would have been an absolute must-see for comic book fans everywhere. We wouldn’t have had to sit through a tepid origin story, nor would we have to watch an awkward romance wilt in front of our eyes; Super Max would have just been a balls-out prison break movie with super powers and madmen in spandex. Instead we wound up with Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern.

Hollywood, you just exhaust us sometimes.