Today Blizzard announced that it would be deploying Patch 2.0.10 for StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm that will include a color-blind mode and features new layovers for eSports.

The patch, released today in Asia, will be available to all other users - after a short delay - on Wednesday July 31. The color-blind feature will enable users to alternate colors used to designate players and darken the minimap to show more contrast between units and terrain.

Shoutcasters and competitive players have access to two new Blizzard-designed user interfaces: The first allows a Split 1v1 display that moves player names, supplies and resource info to the top of the screen. The second will display resource info in the upper right corner of the screen. Both are intended to help competitive players organize and keep track of their games with better views of battles and skirmishes.

Blizzard has also done some work with their video features including replay scrubbing to help gamers easily find their most victorious moments.

Check out Blizzard's Announcement page for updates about availability in your region.

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[Via Gamespot]