Show: Vampire Diaries (The CW)
Date: 5/10/2012

Hate on Vampire Diaries all you like, but critics continually point to the show as the smarter alternative to other bloodsucking pop culture like True Blood and Twilight. Even if the vampire game isn't your thing, you have to respect the intensely dedicated fanbase. Twitter goes cray for the Vampire Diaries, and why shouldn't it? Reading a Vampire Diaries recap reminds us of dropping in on our mother's soap operas back in the day. There at least seven different plot threads moving through the synopses we read of the season three finale and those were just the ones that the recappers had the time to dive into with a limited word count.

Add supernatural creatures and hard bodies to the melodramatic plotting and you have the formula for a certified hit. If you think your favorite show's fans have anything on the dedicated Vampire Diaries viewers, just take a look at Twitter's intense reaction to Elena's (Nina Dobrev) turning, and bow down to the vampire kings.