One of the best dumbest new reality shows this season was, without a doubt, Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte’s series, What Would Ryan Lochte do. Really, if you watched Lochte during the Olympics last year for even just a few minutes, it was painfully clear that he was bred for reality television.

Luckily, when his series premiered on E!, it didn’t disappoint—Lochte said so many stupid, quotable things twe took it upon ourselves to chronicle them each week. With soundbytes like, “This is so much fun watching my family scirm. Squirm. Scirm. Did I say scirm?” and, “She is a—shit, I forgot the name of it. What’s that thing called where you do six events at the Olympics? Pentathlon? Or decathlon? Or octagon? Shit,” we were never without a shortage of material. Jeah!