Though it’s hard to compete with Tyra Banks’ iconic “We were all rooting for you” speech on The CW’s America’s Next Top Model, Naomi Campbell manages to provide a suitable rival on Oxygen’s new modeling competition series The Face. She does this without breaking a sweat. Remeber, this is the same woman that threw a cell phone at her housekeeper.

On the series, Campbell has no problem calling out both the contestants and her fellow hosts/coaches Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova on their bullshit—and their lipstick.

In a season highlight, Campbell commented that "she’s absolutely not going to listen" to anything that Rocha has to say because of the color lipstick she was wearing, then tells her, “Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me.” It’s scenes like this that remind us why reality television is so great.