Okay, I don't know how much an International Space Station is supposed to cost, but I do know that a music video shot on your iPhone shouldn't cost $50,000. Odds are if you are looking to produce a project that costs more than my college education, I am going to be pretty suspicious of where my money's going. I am well aware that $50,000 is chump change for a film, and I know that art generally costs more to make than you'd think, but that is why big time art has investors and not donors. When I think about artistic Kickstarters, I think of them as proof of concept. I'm going to help you do this thing on a small scale so that it has a chance of getting into film festivals, catching the eye of a big time music producer, or earning you an artistic benefactor. Once you get into the big leagues, you'll be expected to turn a profit, and you'll be a bona fide artist. If you try to run before you can crawl, you'll look like a naive amatuer, and I'll save my cash for someone with their head a little below the clouds.