Outside of the city, you live in your car. You enjoy meals there, you groom yourself there, and when you're lucky, you have sex there. Say goodbye to your four-wheeled friend—it's time to join the world of public transportation. As if people weren't crammed close enough together in their tiny partitions in high-rise apartments, you'll enjoy even less personal space when you commute. Once in a while, feeling like you're in a physical melting pot is charming, as you never know what you'll see on the subway or the bus. More often than not, however, it is just awful. Just when you think there's no way another person can fit in your car, another dozen people elbow their way onto the train just to prove you wrong. And, what's that you hear? The lovely sounds of buskers, ready to treat you to some amateur tunes? Wonderful. Your game plan of keeping your head down and listening to a podcast has now been ruined by an amateur mariachi band. As you stand there with barely six inches between you and sweaty torso of your fellow man, remember, it's cheaper than owning a car.