The city heats up like an oven in the summer. You'll feel like an egg, scrambling between skyscrapers as you make the arduous trek from air conditioned building to air conditioned building. Luckily, the city does offer a glorious escape from the stifling heat of the concrete jungle: rooftop parties. There are many varieties of roof top party, from the "my boss is super rich and wants young people on his terrace so potential investors will stay longer" party to the "my landlord told me not to do this so don't make too much noise" party, and everything in between. All of them are amazing. Even when you hit rock bottom (and you will), you can't help but feel triumphant as you look out over the ethereal light from buildings you can't afford to live in intermingling with the sparkling stars you can barely see through the smog in the night sky. Sometimes, life in the city can be beautiful. If it is, it is usually because the view is from a rooftop party.