This will piss you off; honestly, it might even make you cry. A bartender in the San Pedro section of Los Angeles was robbed of the $178,000 in tips that he's spent the past 24 years saving. A burglar broke into the 51-year-old's home this week and took the safe he had stashed in his closet. Nothing else was stolen. 

The man told The Daily Breeze that he never took a single vacation and always worked on holidays and his birthday. He was saving the money so that his older sonsages 28 and 26could own their own homes and his teenage son could go to college. 

The man, who asked not to be identified, would reportedly exchange the tips he gathered everyday for $100 and $2 bills before placing them in the safe. He says it contained 1,740 $100 bills and 2,090 $2 bills. Though he has a bank account used exclusively for cashing checks, he kept all of the tip money at his home. He says he didn't discuss the money or its location with anyone else but his family.

Despite the devastating loss, the man remained strong for his wife, reportedly telling her "What can we do? We cannot be crying all the time." The LAPD is requesting the public's help in finding the burglar, who was caught by a neighbor's surveillance camera.

[via LAist]

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