You maybe haven’t heard of Murdered: Soul Suspect (not to be confused with Sony’s recently released Soul Sacrifice or the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls) but based on new gameplay footage for this supernatural murder mystery from Square Enix, it may time to start paying attention.

The game follows a deceased detective – the voiceover makes it likely the premise is at least a slight tip of the hat to the classic Sunset Boulevard – who has to solve the mystery of his own murder. To do so, you can possess police officers, witnesses and other citizens of the game’s setting of Salem, Massachusetts, allowing players to see the world through their hosts eyes, gaining access to clues and having conversations that could get crucial parties to possibly open up about what may’ve happened.

If you’ve played Capcom’s wonderful adventure game Ghost Trick you’ve got the right idea (and if you haven’t go download it on iOS right now), but as a fully 3D adventure-style game Murdered looks to smartly take more influence from Frogware’s underrated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-inspired titles Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack the Ripper and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. (It also sounds like combat isn’t a major part of the game, but that remains to be seen.)

Check out the in-depth preview below, courtesy of IGN.

Via Youtube/IGN