Mirror, mirror on the wall, when is Shay going to realize she is the wackest one of them all? At the “Karlie Redd, Champagne & Weed” event, Shay immediately tried to start a fight with Erica. Why? Well, Scrappy only seems to view her as a place to poke ever so frequently while he obviously has genuine affection for the mother of his child. So Shay, loud and banjee as ever, swung once at Erica and later tried to sneak another shot in. And yet, Erica is purportedly the “weak ass bitch.” Erica is one of those "I know how to act in the office, but I will get you after 5:00 p.m." types. In other words, Shay is gonna huff and puff and get clocked on the street before she knows it. Can she not return in the third season? We get it already: Scrappy doesn’t want her and now she’s upset. Go call Iyanla about that, we don’t care anymore.

P.S. Karlie Redd went from Louis, Prada, Gucci to Indian, Malaysian, and Cherokee Remy. Not mad at you running a beauty supply store, Karlie, ‘cause rapping hasn’t been working so well thus far.