Address: Disney Hollywood Studios, Anaheim, CA
Duration Of Ride: 2-3 Minutes
Year Built: 1994
Slogan: "Hurtle up and down into the Twilight Zone aboard a haunted elevator."

The Tower of Terror has been a fan favorite ride franchise for Disney since they first opened the Tower in Disneyland's Hollywood Studios in 1994. It may seem like a ride conceived as a haunted hotel elevator would be relatively simple to execute, but constructing the 200-foot high attraction stretched the limits of Disney Imagineers. Construction on the Tower required Disney to commission technology that would allow the vehicles to move in and out of their vertical motion shaft, no easy feat. Other intriguing technological flourishes of the ride include a "Pepper's Ghost Effect," which creates the illusion of disappearing spirits, and randomized drop sequences. The result is an amazingly spooky experience that Disney park patrons don't soon forget.