In 2009, 44-year-old Daniel Metzgar had penile implant surgery. Four years later, he's suing the doctor that performed the surgery because it left him with an eight-month erection. Not to get too graphic, but the procedure placed a three-piece inflatable implant inside of his body. Everything seemed fine until, well, it wouldn't go down. 

Metzgar's condition made it impossible for him to complete simple tasks that involved him going out in public. He finally had it removed in 2010 when the tubing punctured his scrotum on a family trip to Niagra Falls, no doubt an inopportune time. 

The urologist who performed the procedure, Dr. Thomas J. Desperito, says Metzgar's misfortune is not his fault. Furthermore, Desperito's lawyers say Metzgar should've known something was up (no pun intended) when his his scrotum swelled go a disturbing size. 

[via Gawker]