Website NerdWallet has listed the D.C. Metropolitan Area as the best destination in America for 20-somethings. The rankings were organized in accordance to five categories: rental market, affordability, percentage of the population in their 20s, cultural events and activities and economic opportunity.

While a Census Bureau study showed that D.C. is growing progressively, um, "whiter," it's also getting younger. The study revealed that as of last July, the District had 135,760 residents between the ages of 20-29.  Considering the population was slightly above 632,000, that's pretty significant. 

The issue with D.C., especially for 20-somethings, is the rental market. With extremely-high median rents, those without have high-paying jobs are considerably less than satisfied with what they pay to live each month. NerdWallet's reason for D.C. being such an attractive destination for young people is its low unemployment rate, as there's a plethora of opportunities for young professionals.

So basically, if you're like 25 and move to D.C. for a great (i.e. "high-paying") job, you'll pay that $1,000 (or more) a month of for rent with a smile on your face.

[via DCist]