Most recent projects: How to Make It in America (2011, HBO), A Gifted Man (2011-2012, CBS)

Prognosis: What's an '80s comedy without the antagonistic, douchey alpha male character? Basically William "Johnny Lawrence" Zabka with a Soul Glo hairdo, Eriq "Darryl Jenks" La Salle made quite the impression in Coming to America, playing the asshole boyfriend of Akeem's love interest with enough Jheri curl juice to fill a biggie-sized soft drink cup.

Following Coming to America, La Salle worked in a string of forgettable movies until landing a career-making gig on NBC's medical drama ER, playing Dr. Peter Benton in various degrees of prominence throughout the show's 1994-2009 duration. Recurring roles on a couple of cancelled shows (How to Make It in America, A Gifted Man), however, haven't been as fruitful.