Star Wars fans know Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca—Chewie, if you're a diehard fan—but that didn't sway the TSA last week when they stopped him at Denver International Airport to inspect his lightsaber-shaped cane. 

The 7-foot-tall actor took to Twitter immediately after the TSA stopped him, tweeting a picture of the agents with his cane:

The tweet, according to Buzzfeed, "prompted outrage" from Mayhew's over 25,000 followers—and not much later, Mayhew was given his cane back and allowed through security. He tweeted the follow-up photo, and insinuated it was Twitter that allowed him to get his cane back.

According to the Associated Press, however, TSA officials maintain that Twitter did not play a part in the actions of their agents: "Because of the unusual weight of the passenger’s cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor. Less than five minutes later the passenger and cane were cleared to travel. Social media played no role in the determination."

Mayhew tweeted one last follow-up after passing through security:

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[via Buzzfeed]