Neighborhood: Rockaway Beach, Queens
Address19 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

You know those nights where you're torn between pretending you're fishing in Montauk or on a beach somewhere together in Mexico? Rockaway Taco marries those two fantasies. All you have to do is hop on the A train to Rockaway Beach.

Rockaway Beach might as well be in Connecticut, we know, but it's worth the extra transit time. The seasonal taco stand got hit hard by Sandy, but has reopened for the season, and the frenzy is already in full swing. 

The shack invariably draws an eclectic collection of humans (some might call them hipsters, we won't generalize) and a line that snakes back for a half a block. But it all fades away once you hear your name called, trot up to the counter, and walk away with a fish taco. This is why you came: a flaky piece of tilapia encased in a lightly battered shell topped with the perfect amount of radish, slaw, and spicy crema. Throw some spicy salsa verde on for good measure and spring for the guac; it will be the most necessary dollar you have ever spent. Wash it all down with a fresh pineapple and mint juice while basking in the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze rolling off the boardwalk. Now that's modern romance.