Yesterday, a judge in the George Zimmerman murder trial ruled that 911 experts who claim Trayvon Martin's voice can be heard screaming on Zimmerman's 911 call will not be able to testify. This is pivotal evidence, as it will help identify who instigated the confrontation that led to Zimmerman fatally shooting the teenager in Sanford, Fla. last February. 

According to Judge Debra Nelson, the methods used to identify the screams as Martin's are unreliable. However, this doesn't mean that the call cannot be played during the trial. Nelson's decision comes after listening to the prosecution and defense argue over the use of the tape. While one expert said that the screams heard on the call are not Zimmerman's, the defense argued that there isn't enough audio footage to determine who's voice is heard and that the process used to reach this conclusion is inaccurate.

Opening statements in the trial will begin tomorrow. 

[via New York Daily News]

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