When you've got a show as genius as Arrested Development, it may be hard to keep up with all of the subtle, recurring jokes, no matter how many times you watch every episodes - that's the beauty of this show, in fact, with every rewatch you get something new out of it. 

With the new site Recurring Development, though, no one will have trouble keeping track of recurring jokes again. It's an interactive visualization of every recurring joke ever featured in the show's original three-season run on Fox, with a listing of exactly what episodes it appeared in. It also includes little bits of trivia about every episode, because there's really always something new to learn about this show.

For example: Ever wanted to know how many episodes featured Lucille Bluth winking? Just look at the list -

Then select it:

Modern technology just keeps getting more and more impressive. You can check out the site here.

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[via Recurring Development]