With the huge success of Rob ThomasVeronica Mars Kickstarter, and Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here Kickstarter, it looks like tons of celebrities have been taking to the site in an effort to reach out to fans and raise funds for a variety of projects. Now, it looks like The League star Jon Lajoie is trying to get in on the action, with his new totally real, legit, Kickstarter page. 

So, what's the project? In the introduction video, which can be seen above, Lajoie explains: Apparently, he's always wanted to become "super rich," so he's starting a Kickstarter to raise $500 million to achieve that dream. Fair enough. Only, as he writes on the page, "Kickstarter wouldn't let me just take your money," so he's hosting the totally real project on his own blog. Seems legit. Prizes for donating include being able to tell your friends that you met Jon Lajoie (though you won't actually meet him), and being sent a video of Lajoie looking at your Facebook and cringing about how awful your life is.

But really, this video is perfect satire of all the criticisms Kickstarter and crowd-funding has received in the recent months. For some context: There's been tons of debate about whether or not big celebs looking to crowd-fund is right or not though, considering their massive bank accounts and access to studios who are willing to fund in exchange for some say in the creative process. Why should fans have to pay to have a project created, then pay again to actually see/hear/read the project when its completed? Bloggers have been going crazy over this question. 

To check out Lajoie's Kickstarter and/or to "donate," head on over to the site here. Be sure to check out the hilarious video above as well. 

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[via Jon Lajoie]