Throwing shade was a full-time job for Cersei this week. All is not well in the uneasy Tyrell-Lannister alliance, and Cersei is not afraid to give a Tyrell a piece of her mind. From Cersei's first line of the week, "Radiant, why radiant?" we know that Cersei is in no mood to be trifled with. After Margaery tries to engage in a little sisterly bonding, she paints the Dutchess a poetic picture of social climbing families hanging from the gates of Casterly Rock. Just in case Marge had a little bit of music in her ears and didn't hear what Cersei was trying to communicate, she leaves her with, "You call me sister again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

Cersei proceeds to keep it in the family. Loras, the Tyrell batting for the other team, tries to share a moment with her at the wedding banquet and quickly regrets it. He struts up to her while she is looking out at the sea and brooding and says, "My father once told me ..." Cersei cuts him off with, "Nobody cares what your father once told you." Even the Knight's Watch north of the Wall would tell you that's cold. Winter is here, dawg.

One of the greatest pleasures of this season so far has been watching Cersei go from boss to pawn as Tywin has made his presence felt at King's Landing. Lena Heady's performance has been phenomenal week in and week out, even when she has very little to do. Her portrayal of Cersei as a newly caged lioness has been a joy to watch. She may be down, but this week she let us know that she is not out, and gets a crown for her troubles.