Because Yelp is clearly one of the most useful tools on the Internet, inmates and lawyers have begun using it to review prisons. It's only fair; prisoners deserve an outlet to voice their grievances, right? Now prisoners can share complaints, as well as tricks for getting the most out of their sentences. It's jail, but it's not the end of the world.

A Rikers Island inmate share some tips for how to hustle your way through incarceration: 

"Things you MUST remember: No matter what religion you (really) are/aren't, say you're 'Jewish.' Why? Because, you'll get a box of Matzoh ('crackers, as some call it), a bottle of grape juice (both weekly) and, you'll get a trip to meet the Rabbi (A VERY nice man who lets you use his phone). 2nd thing to remember is say you've a medical condition, in which you NEED to have 'double portions.' Trust me on this. Otherwise - you'll really starve."

Meanwhile, lawyers are using Yelp to voice concerns about procedures that keep them from meeting with clients. According to the Washington Post, Los Angeles County investigates each claim. People use Yelp to complain about everything else, so prisoners and their attorneys might as well contribute. 

[via Gawker]

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