A North Carolina woman visiting a local Goodwill recently came across a copy of the rarest video game ever released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Back in 1987, Bandai released Stadium Events as their first title for the NES but it was quickly recalled and replaced by Nintendo's own World Class Track Meet. All remaining copies of Stadium Events were subsequently pulled from store shelves and destroyed. Only a few people were able to get their hands on a copy and one of them, obviously unaware of the game's worth donated it to Goodwill. The last known copy of Stadium Events sold on eBay for close to $12k.

The copy of Stadium Events is in near perfect condition and will be posted on eBay soon according to the Save Point Video Games Facebook page. " I nearly fainted and was too dazzled to make a legitimate offer," the poster's comment said. "She will be getting it VGA graded and you might see it on eBay sometime soon."

[via Save Point Video Games]