A pimp accused of using violence to control his prostitutes has been sentenced to 62 years behind bars. Donnell Baines, who reportedly issued vicious beatings to his workers, defended his actions by saying the victims kept returning to work. This clearly means he isn't that evil, right?

Standing before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nunez, Baines said "I'm going to assert my innocence 'til the day I die." "The court may not like me. I don't like me. But I didn't do those things," he added. In October, Baines was convicted of promoting prostitution, rape, unlawful imprisonment and sex abuse. "It defies basic human experience for somebody to [be raped] and not say anything and to keep leaving and coming back," he explained.

Baines housed four women—includuing a 16-year-old—at his apartment, where he claims he was simply operating a web cam porn business. According to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, he would savagely beat the women for the most frivolous reasons.

Baines will appeal the sentence. "I believe it will be overturned on appeal," said his attorney, Anastasios Sarikas.

[via NY Post]